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First, it is important to know that these maps use Microsoft™  Silverlight™.  Like Adobe™ Flash™, Silverlight delivers an enhanced web experience that allows greater versatility and power within applications, it is also light weight (does not require a great deal of space to install).

Silverlight™ is a free download and a safe add-on for your browser,  if you visit one of our maps that uses silverlight, you will be automatically prompted to download the newest version if you do not currently have it installed..

Finding an Address

(Our map services are viewed through ArcGIS Online, which requires a few particular fields when searching for an address.)


To find an address, click on the binoculars labeled “Search” in the upper left hand side of the screen.


If it is not selected already, select “places” in the category of things to search.

Help! I have no results

When searching for an address, you must always include as much information as possible. If you search just the street with the number, the address finder does not know what state or even city you are speaking of and will yield no results. Sometimes however, your address may be entered incorrectly and although the search does have a filter that can try to guess what you were talking about, if there are utterly no relevant sites, it will also yield no results.

Help! I have too many results

If your search is too broad it will yield many results, none of which may actually be what you are looking for. In this example by not adding the quantifier “TX” or “Texas” the search engine has no way of knowing for sure which “510 W 9th st” you are looking for and produces a list of the most possible relevant results. (In this case, none of the results presented were actually in texas!)

Correct Results

The more information given, the better chance at finding a good result will be. In this case the entire address is entered including the City and State. This most often yields the most accurate information within the address finder.

More Help and Information

For more help and information on how to use the map, you can press the ? button located in the upper right hand side of each map.