Mapping and Geographic Information Systems

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Interactive Maps

The City of Georgetown’s interactive maps allow the exploration of the City’s collection of geographic data through interactive map viewers. They are easy to use and provide a wealth of information.

Please remember: The data shown in these viewers is for informational and general planning purposes only. Although every effort is made to maintain quality, some error may be present in the data and it should never be used in place of boundary surveys performed by Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyors. The City of Georgetown is not responsible for damages resulting from improper use of the maps.

** The interactive maps will be down on Friday mornings from 4:30 am-7:30 am for routine maintenance.


City Limits

City Limits

The City Limits interactive map allows users to determine visually if a particular address is within the Georgetown City Limits, or the Georgetown extra-territorial jurisdiction.


Zoning Districts


The Zoning Districts interactive map allows users to to explore the City of Georgetown’s Official Zoning Map.


Historic Properties

The Historic Properties interactive map allows users to explore the City of Georgetown’s historic properties. Users can view photos and read related information about each property by selecting the site on the map.


Red Poppy Locations


The Red Poppy Locations interactive map allows users to locate the red poppy location throughout the City of Georgetown. Red poppies have been a part of Georgetown’s landscape for over seventy years and grow naturally in and along highway right-of-ways, in vacant lots and park lands, and in native and cultivated areas of our citizen’s yards.


Parks and Trails


The Parks and Trails interactive map allows users to search parks throughout the City of Georgetown. By selecting a park icon, a pop-up will appear displaying the park’s available amenities.


Planning: Future Land Use / Official Thoroughfare Plan

Future Land Use

Future Land Use / Official Thoroughfare Plan allows users to view future land use designations and Official Thoroughfare Plan information for the City of Georgetown and adjacent areas.


City Council Districts


City Council Districts allows users to explore the geographic extent of Georgetown’s seven single-member City Council Districts.  Residents can determine which Council Districts they live in by typing their address into the search box at the upper left of the map.


Georgetown Utility Information


Georgetown Utility Information allows users to view utility infrastructure and service areas. This map displays the location of water and wastewater lines in the city of Georgetown, and includes their respective diameters. The map also includes electric and water service providers within the city limits and adjacent areas.


Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zones


Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zones allows users to view contributing, transition and recharge zones of the Edwards Aquifer in Williamson County.


Georgetown Fire Services

Fire Service

Georgetown Fire Services allows users to view fire stations, and their respective service areas within the city of Georgetown. This map also includes fire hydrants within Williamson County.


FEMA Flood Zones

Flood Zones

FEMA’s National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL) Viewer allows users to view the spatial extent of FEMA Flood Zones.

Georgetown Planning


Georgetown Planning Map allows users to view GIS layers related to Planning and Development. Included in this map are zoning, zoning overlays, parcels, address points, future land use, extraterritorial jurisdiction, city limits, as well as water and wastewater lines. Some layers such as address points and water/wastewater lines only become visible when zoomed in.


Solid Waste Collection Schedule Map


Georgetown Solid Waste Collection Schedule Map allows users to view their trash, recycling, and yard waste ( Tier 1 only) collection schedules by either entering their address in the search box at the top right, then clicking the mouse, or by simply clicking anywhere on the map.


Economic Development Information

Development Map

Economic Development Information Map allows users to view property lines and property values, as well as FEMA Flood and Edwards Aquifer Recharge zones. Also included in the map is utility information such as water lines, wastewater lines, hydrants and electric service provider areas in and around the City of Georgetown.


Public Safety Information

Public Safety Information Map allows users to view police beats and fire station coverage areas for the City of Georgetown.