Overall Transportation Plan

The implementation of the Overall Transportation Plan (OTP) is critical in the overall development of the City as it guides future roadway improvements, construction of new facilities, and outlines the City’s transportation goals. The adoption of the OTP by ordinance, sets forth long term capital planning and financing considerations designed to ensure that basic transportation infrastructure needs and right-of-way will be available as the city grows and network needs improvements. The current OTP was adopted in March 2015.

Overall Transportation Plan Map (8.5×11)

Overall Transportation Plan Map (34×44)

Emergency Service District (ESD) Map

An Emergency Services District (ESD), under the Texas Health and Safety Code; Chapter 775, is a geographical area supported by taxes to provide emergency services within the area that is governed by a County appointed Commission.

Emergency Service Districts are created to allow for improvements in rural fire protection areas and intended to build a partnership with municipalities to ensure adequate service delivery is provided. The geographic area for this district is Georgetown’s Rural Fire Protection District. The boundaries were established by the Williamson County Fire Chief’s Association of who identifies which Fire Department can provide the best service based upon response coverage criteria.

Emergency Services District Map (8.5×11) (Under Construction)

Emergency Services District Map (34×44)

Council District Maps

Listed below are the official council district maps that outline the borders of each council district within the city limits of Georgetown. These city council district maps were approved by the Georgetown city council in 2011 and approved by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2011. The City regularly updates the council district boundaries whenever land is annexed into the city limits.

The Georgetown City Council Members are elected based on these district boundaries. In order to determine which district you live in, click on any of the maps below:

For a listing of City Council-members and their contact information, please visit our City Council webpage.

Water Service Area (CCN) Map

This map shows the area in which the City of Georgetown is legally allowed to serve water, though determination of whether the City will provide water service depends on existing infrastructure and capacity.

Water Service Area Map