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Introduction to GIS Services

The City of Georgetown uses a Geographic Information System (GIS) to create maps, analyze geographic information, and visually examine the geographic features of the City (ex. roads, property lines).  In municipalities like Georgetown, where nearly every function of City government has a geographic dimension, the use of GIS can substantially increase efficiency and effectiveness.  For this reason, GIS is widely employed by the City of Georgetown.  A primary goal of the City’s GIS program is to make many of these mapping resources available to the public.

Interactive Maps

InteractiveMapsIf you use Internet mapping tools, you might like the Georgetown interactive maps. They allow you to explore a large portion of Georgetown’s mapping data, make and print maps, or export maps to .PDF format.
Downloadable Maps (pdf)

MapsInPdfDownload a wide variety of the City of Georgetown’s maps in .PDF format.  These maps can be viewed and printed with the freely downloadable Adobe Acrobat viewer.  Please note that some of these maps were not created by the City of Georgetown GIS staff.
GIS Data

GeorgetownMappingFor those with GIS or CAD software, you can download several of Georgetown’s primary GIS datasets in an ESRI Shapefile™ format.   Also for CAD and GIS users, information on purchasing DVDs loaded with the City’s latest digital imagery and two-foot topographic contours is available.
Hardcopy Maps and Data on Disk

DataAndAerialsThis page lists the prices of hardcopy maps that may be ordered from the GIS department.  Also, prices are shown for ordering GIS data on DVD or Compact Disc